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Cable protection glands
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The cable and hose protection glands from Wipco Teknikk gives an easy and efficient protection to avoid damage on electrical cables and hoses from sharp edges when being pulled through pipes and metal sheets.
By cutting the side of the protection gland it can also be mounted after the cable or hose is pulled through the pipe or metal sheet.
Made of heavy duty polyethylene LD, colour: black
Part no.For hole dia. D1-D2 (mm)Internal hole dia. d (mm) 
T1412-14 mm9 mm 
T1614-16 mm11 mm 
T1816-18 mm13 mm 
T2018-20 mm15 mm 
T2219-23 mm17 mm 
T2523-25 mm20 mm 
T2825-28 mm23 mm 
T3026-30 mm24 mm 
T3330-34 mm27 mm 
T3634-38 mm31 mm 
T4038-42 mm34 mm 
T4542-46 mm38 mm 
T5046-52 mm44 mm