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Driveshaft protection caps
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The driveshaft protection caps are designed in accordance with the DIN 748, DIN 42673-1 and ISO R775 standards.
Protects the driveshafts against damages and dirt.
Made of sortenreines and LLD-PE, colour: yellow
Shaft protection caps
Part no.Shaft dia.Dia. - Dheight- H 
EP190-W99,0 mm14,5 mm24,0 mm 
EP190-W1111,0 mm17,5 mm27,5 mm 
EP190-W1414,0 mm22,5 mm35,0 mm 
EP190-W1515,0 mm25,5 mm32,0 mm 
EP190-W1616,0mm25,5 mm47,0 mm 
EP190-W1919,0 mm30,5 mm47,0 mm 
EP190-W2020,0 mm32,0 mm58,5 mm 
EP190-W2222,0 mm35,5 mm58,5 mm 
EP190-W2424,0 mm38,5 mm58,5 mm 
EP190-W2525,0 mm40,0 mm70,0 mm 
EP190-W2828,0 mm24,0 mm70,0 mm 
EP190-W3030,0 mm48,0 mm93,5 mm 
EP190-W3232,0 mm51,0 mm93,5 mm 
EP190-W3535,0 mm56,0 mm93,5 mm 
EP190-W3838,0 mm61,0 mm93,5 mm 
EP190-W4242,0 mm67,0 mm127,5 mm 
EP190-W4545,0 mm72,0 mm117,5 mm 
EP190-W4848,0 mm77,0 mm127,5 mm 
EP190-W5555,0 mm88,0 mm127,5 mm 
EP190-W6060,0 mm96,0 mm164,0 mm 
EP190-W7575,0 mm112,0 mm164,0 mm